About the Elite Wheel Company - Christchurch

The Elite Wheel Company was established in 1992.

We are the preferred repairer for all major insurance companies, Elite specialise in custom made wheels for any application, such as agricultural, heavy duty & trikes etc.


Stud drilling machineThe Company employs, (including Fraser), 9 staff. Fraser started in this business as a result of spending some time as an apprentice panel beater in the chassis and wheel straightening shop. He had a natural affinity for the work so on completion of his apprenticeship he went to work for a small company (Lovelady race cars) that did steel wheel repairs. When the owner moved away Fraser started up on his own and the rest, they say is history.


Natalie is the not just at the front of house she also helps in the workshop by fitting, removing and balancing tyres and wheels, prepares quotes, takes orders, and the most important job - keeping the boys in line (so she says).

Dean started with Elite (like Tania) in 2001 and is the alloy wheel repairer. It’s amazing what he can do to the “slightly” scuffed wheels that they deal with. In Fraser’s absence he is the stand-in manager.

Fraser is not only the owner he is the centre of excellence of the company - the knowledge man of what can be done and how to do it.

Mark is the longest standing employee and is the specialist painter and polisher. A refurbisher of all style of wheels he can also restore and enhance any metallic surface to a show quality finish.

The company repairs many thousands of wheels each year as well as manufacturing them from scratch. Most of the manufactured wheels are special commissions.

The well equipped workshop has centre lathes and many specialist pieces of equipment and presses. The welding set up is awesome, a complete array of gas and electric welding systems.